Ride shotgun with Doc MacLean as the world's wildest blues tour plays sixty shows across Southern Africa...

Photo Credit: Stefan Hurter

Monday, October 21, 2019

N'ganga Blues Dates Moving Quickly: Half Sold

Well, here we are. N'ganga Blues. A few weeks into booking. Just over half the shows now sold. Thirty-five shows. That's enough to start the motor. The Western Cape is all but sold out. And there's some hustle-back now that I'm all but local. One of the things I like about playing Africa is that to me it remains very "old school" in terms of the music business- the dance around the edges. I was going to tell you some stories about the hustle, but I won't. Let's just say sometimes I swallow it- and sometimes I just walk away. The cool thing about working a territory with so many venues is that you can do that. Especially when you are putting bums in seats. It's a big street. And mostly it's a pleasure to play. I can't wait to strike the first note of the first show of the Tour!

Behind the scenes I've been busy looking up ground transportation, getting sound gear organized, and trying to set aside some time to write and record with some of my South African friends. The plan is to do a "made in Africa" project. I've been scouting some studios, and getting some ideas laid out. It's a big talent pool to draw from. South African's may guess who is likely to be working with me!

So, you buyers, three dates left for the Western Cape... And I'm going to charge into KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape in short order! Let's fill all these dates so Plug Music can get to work!

Back in North America: for upcoming spring and summer 2020 bookings I'll be working with Bruce Morel, of Music Marketing International (MMI). I've known Bruce for over thirty years, and I'm very excited to join his raster of Artists. For the first time since 1979 I won't need to send a statement of availability to the Winnipeg Folk Festival!